Smart Monster™ Kit

The Smart Monster™ Series of products is bringing flow testing into the digital age. That means no more manual conversions or human error. It also means you can store all your data in the cloud for safekeeping and view the readings in real time from your personal device, wherever you are. Waterproof and just as durable as other Hose Monster equipment, Smart Monster™ is the future of flow testing.

  • 6 Kraken Transponders
  • 2 Arcus Range Extenders
  • 1 Charge Case

The Smart Monster™ Kit is recommended for complete digital readings and results and suggested for tests that occur outside the pump room such as standpipes and closed-circuit tests. Pitotless Nozzles®, Hose Monsters®, and additional components are not included.

The Smart Monster™ App is required for operating device and receiving data:



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