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The People We Seek

For over 25 years The Hose Monster Company has been equipping its customers to protect lives and properties.  We’ve found success by ensuring that the customers’ needs come first - they can count on our resourceful, hardworking team with strict attention to detail to deliver a premium product and service that enables them to do their jobs more efficiently, accurately, and safely than before.

Core Values

Customer First

We exist because our customers have a need. If we take care of them first and foremost, we will be taken care of in return.  We will not sacrifice reputation for profit.  This Company is built upon the confidence our customers have in us.

Attention to Detail

Every detail matters. Whether it’s a precise measurement required for an accurate flow reading or the wording of an email, attention to detail shows that we care, and it does not go unnoticed by our customers.


We are small but mighty. Everyone must wear multiple hats and be prepared to step into roles they may not have considered when arriving at work that morning.  In the end, our greatest resource is the Team around us.

Team Player

We rely on everyone; it is imperative that we can count on one another.  When a customer calls us, they are not just getting the team member that answered the phone, they are getting the entire Hose Monster Team.

Hard Working

We accomplish more with less through the hard work of our team, allowing us to be more nimble and invest in the future which will continue to pay dividends to our customers and employees

Open Positions

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Current Opening

The Hose Monster Company is looking for an experienced fire protection professional to help us with new product development and testing, customer training, account management, and business development. The ideal candidate will have extensive field experience working with Hose Monster equipment in a variety of applications including fire pump testing, standpipe testing, main capacity testing, and hydrant testing as well as knowledge of applicable codes (such as NFPA 25, NFPA 13, etc.). Please reach out if you think you’d be a good fit and we can share additional details.

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