HMU Video Series

Welcome to Hose Monster University; your destination for training, tutorials and certifications with the best flow testing equipment in the industry.


Watch how the original Monster technicians operate our equipment.

Introduction to Flow Testing

Standpipe Flow Test

Single Hydrant Flow Test

Fire Pump Flow Test


Learn how to operate Hose Monster’s unrivaled equipment from the guys who invented it.

How to Read A Flow Chart

How to Pick The Correct Pitotless Nozzle For Your Application

How to Convert From Pitot to Pitotless Using Threaded Pitotless Nozzle

How and When To Use A Nozzle Insert

How to Replace a Damaged Pitot Tube


Let our Monster experts walk you through proper Hose Monster Operation.

Dechlor Demon Setup

Little Hose Monster Stacking

Monster Meter Setup

We’re continually adding to our curriculum. Check back with us later for the newest HMU videos!

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