Hydrant Flow Testing Bundle, Little Hose Monster

  • Everything for hydrant flow testing with the Little Hose Monster™
  • Components fit neatly into a die-cut, closed cell case with wheels and telescoping handle for easy transportation.   A 10′ hose is carried outside the case.
  • Ideal for flowing from the 2.5″ Hydrant port.
  • Our recommended setup for the flow testing hydrants.

NH is the standard thread specification. For Special Thread specifications, please contact us at 888.202.9987

Please be advised that Gauge Calibrations require up to 48 hours.

Please be advised that in order for a product to be shipped out same day, the order must be received by 11:00 AM CST. Orders placed after 11:00 AM CST will ship on the following business day.
Item #  Description 
HML The Little Hose Monster™ – 3 pounds, 10″ x 12″,  for use with all Pitotless Nozzle™ sizes
PN2GRV 2″ Pitotless Nozzle  FM Approved (493 to 1,305 GPM)
HMRR12 Remote Reader Assembly, 1/4″  x 12’ tube, 2-quick connect adapters
GK100D4 Pressure Gauge 4″ dial, 1/2% accuracy rated, 0 to  100 PSI (for Nozzle Pressure)
HGV25 Gate Valve   Slow Close 2-1/2″ F NH X 2-1/2″ M NH
GCSW200 Gauge Cap, 2 1/2″ NST, with Pressure Gauge, 0 to 200 PSI (for Static/Residual)
HW107 Hydrant Wrench, adjustable, single spanner
WSPA106 Spanner Wrench light weight aluminum alloy
CASE920 Gauge and Accessory Case, Seahorse, 24x16x10 w/ wheels and telescoping handle
H2H.10YR 2 1/2″ x 10′ Hose, Synthetic Nitrile Rubber



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