Hose Monster Refurbishing Service

Add years to the service life of your HM2H, HM4 and HM4H Hose Monster Model II. Our refurbishing service repairs your unit and makes it look like new!

  • The body is sandblasted, powder coated and inspected
  • The unit receives a new pitot, new swivel coupling, new locking pin/chain, new decal and labels, new instructions and laminated flow chart
  • You receive what is essentially a new Hose Monster that retains its original FM Approvals
Return Material Procedure:

1.) Take 3 pictures of your current Hose Monster Model II:



a.) One of the inlet side of the Hose Monster.




b.) One of the top.




c.) One of the bottom.


2.) Email the images to [email protected].

3.) Call us at (888) 202-9987 and reference the email you sent.

4.) We will evaluate the images. If your device is refurbishable we will email you a Return Authorization(RA) form, which you will include with your shipment.

5.) After we receive your product we process your credit card and ship the refurbished product.

Disclaimer: We are only able to refurbish Hose Monster Model II and newer. Model I and older are not eligible for refurbishing.

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