Monster Tester, with Tube Set and Gauge

Allows up to seven pressure readings from Hose Monsters or Pitotless Nozzles to be taken at a point right next to the test valve header or wherever it is convenient.  Ideal for Fire Pump Tests in which multiple pressure readings are taken.
The Monster Tester includes:

  • Quantity of six – 60 ft tube sets
  • Pressure Gauge, 0-60 psi,  4″ dial, 0.5% accuracy rated,  (other pressure ranges available by request)
  • Six Push to Connect tube fittings
  • Padded Carrying Case to conveniently house Monster Tester and gauge
Please be advised that Gauge Calibrations require up to 48 hours.
Please be advised that in order for a product to be shipped out same day, the order must be received by 11:00 AM CST. Orders placed after 11:00 AM CST will ship on the following business day.

Multiple pressure readings require a crew. While one person adjusts the flow at the test valve header or the pump room, the other walks between live hose ends, taking pressure readings and communicating them back to the test header. This is time consuming and can result in inaccurate readings.  The Monster Tester allows multiple independent pressure readings from a pitot, pump, standpipe, etc., to be taken at a point right next to the test valve header instead of running back and forth between live hose ends with a hand-held pitot. Flow adjustments can be made and pitot readings can be taken right at the test header. When the job layout permits, suction, discharge and all the pitot readings can be taken through the Monster Tester.

Setup takes less than two minutes.

  1. Connect one end of each 1⁄4″ pressure transmission tube to the gauge port of the Hose Monster®, Pitotless Nozzle™, pump port or standpipe port.
  2. Plug the other end into the numbered ports on the Monster Tester. Each connections insert or removal is a one-hand, no-tools operation.
  3. Apply thread sealant tape to the gauge, and attach to the gauge port of the Monster Tester.



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