2″ Pitotless Nozzle Threaded

  • Use the Pitotless Nozzle to measure the water flow-rate while conducting fire pump tests or fire flow tests on hydrants.
  • The operating range with the 2½″ Hose Monster is 521 to 1,379 GPM.
  • The operating range to Open Atmosphere is 529 to 1,399 GPM.
  • The Pitotless Nozzle Threaded male end is NH and designed for use with the 2½″ Hose Monster or discharging into open atmosphere.
  • If connecting the Pitotless Nozzle Threaded to a special connection, an adaptor may be required.
  • FM Approved.

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Take precision flow-rate measurements without a pitot!

With the Pitotless Nozzle, you’ll never have to shut down in the middle of a test to change out a pitot because it got hit by a rock. Use the Pitotless Nozzle with the 2½″ Hose Monster® in fire pump testing, fire flow testing or unidirectional flushing. You can also mount it directly on a hydrant, test header valve or any fixed 2.5″ outlet.

Flow-rate is determined by reading the nozzle’s internal pressure. With no pitot in the stream, most debris will pass through without causing damage. The unique and patented constant rate of area reduction shape of the Pitotless Nozzle creates a steady laminar flow. Even when the Pitotless Nozzle is attached directly to a hydrant nozzle, its gauge needle is steady.

  • FM Approved
  • Eliminates pitot replacements
  • Color-coded for easy size identification
  • Laminar flow eliminates turbulence and gauge needle bounce
  • Anodized aluminum construction
  • Use with the 2½″ Hose Monster, or attach directly to a 2.5″ outlet discharging into open atmosphere.

The nozzle’s standard hose connection is a 2.5″ NH hard-coat anodized aluminum swivel coupling, but we can also provide other thread specs on request. The outlet end of the Pitotless Nozzle features a threaded configuration. The threaded outlet connects to the 2½″ Hose Monster.

If you use the Pitotless Nozzle without a Hose Monster, it must be attached securely to a hydrant or another stationary device. The thrust created by high-velocity water flow is dangerous to personnel and destructive to property, so be sure to clear a path for water discharge. Do NOT attach the Pitotless Nozzle directly to the end of an unsecured hose without a Hose Monster. A nozzle extension or stream shaper may be required if flow-rate is excessive.

  • FM Approved
  • GPM Min: 521
  • GPM Max: 1399
  • FM Approved PSI Min: 10
  • FM Approved PSI Max: 80
  • Connection Size: 2.5"