2 ½” Hose Monster with Built-In Pitot

  • The 2 ½” Hose Monster cancels the thrust of high-velocity water flow and is FM Approved.
  •  It includes a built-in, reversible pitot and measures flows from 533 to 1460 GPM. For lower flow-rates, a Nozzle Insert can be used.
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The 2 ½” Hose Monster cancels the thrust and is FM Approved. The Hose Monster comes with a built-in, reversible pitot. Minimize pitot damage by rotating the pitot into the downstream position while flushing debris is present. When the water clears, re-position it into the read position. If a pitot becomes damaged, in spite of these precautions, it can easily be replaced in the field with simple hand tools. (PCK Pitot Change-out Kit) We also offer a repair service for damaged pitots.

For lower capacity systems use FM Nozzle Inserts. Simply slip a Nozzle Insert into the inlet of the Hose Monster. Because it is the correct length, the nozzle outlet is positioned ½ the diameter from the pitot. Available in sizes of 1 ⅛” and 1 ¾” so you can read flow rates as low as 118 GPM.

  • FM Approved
  • GPM Min: 530
  • GPM Max: 1460
  • PSI Min: 10
  • PSI Max: 75
  • Connection Size: 2.5"



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