1¾″ FM Nozzle Insert™

The 1¾″ FM Nozzle Insert™ measure from 282-771 GPM.

Nozzle Inserts obtain flow-rates lower than what the 2½″ orifice on the HM2H can accurately measure. They are required for flow-rates lower than 533 GPM.

FM Nozzle Inserts™ have achieved Factory Mutual approval for accurate flow rates when used with the 2½″ Hose Monster®.

FM Nozzle Inserts™ have flow characteristics about equal to those of the 30″ long playpipe. The Nozzle Insert™ adds an extra layer of safety because with no soldered or brazed connections to wear out with age, it will never come apart during a flow test. Both sizes are Factory Mutual Approved for flow rate accuracy. Each one is about 3.5″ long and weighs only about a half-pound. You simply slide the nozzle insert into the inlet of the 2½″ Hose Monster®. The hose threads in on top of it.



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