Fire Pump Testing Bundles, Little Hose Monster

Fire Pump Test Bundles, 2 ½” Hose Monster with Built-In Pitot

Hydrant Flow Testing Bundle, Little Hose Monster

Hydrant Flow Testing Bundle, BigBoy Hose Monster

In-line Pitotless Nozzle, 2.5″ Connection

In-line Pitotless Nozzle, 1.5″ Connection

Little Hose Monster

BigBoy Hose Monster

2 ½” Hose Monster with Built-In Pitot

2 ½” Hose Monster Flusher

4″ – 4 ½” Hose Monster

Little Hose Monster Bundle

2″ Pitotless Nozzle Grooved

1 ¾” Pitotless Nozzle Grooved

1 ⅛” Pitotless Nozzle Grooved

1″ Pitotless Nozzle Grooved

2″ Pitotless Nozzle Threaded

1 ¾” Pitotless Nozzle Threaded

1 ⅛” Pitotless Nozzle Threaded

1″ Pitotless Nozzle Threaded

Little Hose Monster Stabilizer

Flushing Nozzle for Little Hose Monster

1 ⅛” FM Nozzle Insert

1 ¾” FM Nozzle Insert

2.5″ Stream Shaper with Plastic Fins

2.5″ Slow Close Gate Valve

4.5″ Slow Close Gate Valve

4″ Slow Close Gate Valve

Adapter, 4″ x 2.5″ Reducer

Adapters, 4.5″ Reducer

Adapters, 5″ STORZ

Adjustable Hydrant Wrench

2 ½” Dechlor Demon Assembly

Norweco’s Enviro-C Tablets

Vita-D-Chlor Tablets

Norweco’s Bio Neutralizer Tablets

Norweco’s Bio Max Tablets

Dechlor Demon Tank Assembly

Dechlor Demon Extension Hose

Indicating Bypass Valve

4″ Analog Flow Rate Gauges, 0.5% Accuracy Rated

4″ Analog Pump Room Gauges, 0.5% Accuracy Rated

2.5″ Analog Flow Rate Gauges, 1% Accuracy Rated

2.5″ Analog Pump Room Gauge, 1% Accuracy Rated

4″ Compound Gauge, 0.5% Accuracy Rated

Monster Meter Differential Gauge, 0.3% Accuracy Rated

Elbow(s), 30 & 45 Degree, NH Thread

Elbow, 45 Degree Special Thread

Equipment Case, FPT

Equipment Case, SH

Gauge Calibration and Certification

Fire Pump Test Gauge Bundle

Gauge Boots

Gauge Fittings

BigBoy Hose Monster Analog Flow Rate Gauge

4″ Metric Analog Flow Rate Gauges, 0.5% Accuracy Rated

Glycerin Refills – 8 oz.

Hose Monster Refurbishing Service

2.5″ “Thru-the-Weave “Extruded Rubber Hose, Yellow

2.5″ Single Jacket, Urethane lined Hose

4″ “Thru-the-Weave “Extruded Rubber Hose, Red

4.5″ “Thru-the-Weave “Extruded Rubber Hose, Red

BigBoy Hose Monster Hose

In-line Pitotless Nozzle Bundle, 2.5″ Connection, Three Nozzle Sizes

Line Gauge

Equipment Case, Gauges

Monster Tester, with Tube Set and Gauge

Nozzle Extension 2.5″ x 11″

Pitot Replacement Kit

Pitot Rebuild Service

Pitot Accessory Kit

Pitot Change-out Kit

Quick Disconnect Couplings

Ratcheting Tie Down

Remote Reader

Replacement Fins, 2.5″ Stream Shaper

Spanner Wrench

2 ½” Hose Monster Stackers

2.5″ Hydrant Gauge Cap Swivel

2.5″ Hydrant Gauge Cap Swivel, with 4″ Analog Gauge


Wrench for Pitotless Nozzle