How much does the Little Hose Monster weigh?

By itself, it weighs only 3 pounds. With the Pitotless Nozzle and gauge, it weighs just 6 pounds.

Will it whip around because it is so light?

No. The weight is not what keeps it from whipping around. The thrust is cancelled by flowing water in two opposing directions.

The Little Hose Monster looks quite small. Will it break when flowing at high pressures?

The Little Hose Monster has been tested in numerous water flow situations as well as special destruction testing. We found that injection-molded, glass-filled polypropylene is exceptionally durable and difficult to damage — even when we try! But if your Little Hose Monster becomes damaged within two years, we’ll replace it.

When I use the Little Hose Monster, it slides or moves laterally. How do I stop it from moving?

Such movement can occur if the hose is twisted or curved, or if the Little Hose Monster is on an incline. Straighten the hose first and make sure it is not twisted. You can also use the Little Hose Monster Stabilizer as an anchoring base.

When I stack the Little Hose Monsters three units high, the stack gets top heavy and falls over. How do I solve this problem?

Use the Little Hose Monster Stabilizer (STK). It adds stability and keeps the stacked units upright during heavy water flow. It consists of a specially designed metal base and tie downs.

What about dechlorination? Can I still dechlorinate with the Little Hose Monster?

Absolutely. Simply connect the Dechlor Demon™ to the hydrant, in line with the hose and the Little Hose Monster.