Can the Dechlor Demon be used in fire flow testing and water main flushing operations?

Yes. That’s what it is designed for.

What is the maximum and minimum flow-rate capacity of the Dechlor Demon?

The Dechlor Demon has the capacity to flow as much water as a Hose Monster — or more. The 2 ½” model has demonstrated that it can dechlorinate flow-rates as low as 100 GPM, which is the flow- rate to be expected from draining a chlorinated water tank.

Is it necessary to use the Hose Monster with the Dechlor Demon?

At least 5 feet of hose is necessary to use on the discharge side of the Dechlor Demon to ensure sufficient mixing of the dechlorinating agent with the chlorinated water. The Hose Monster or Little Hose Monster is necessary to cancel the thrust at the end of the hose.

What levels of chlorine can the Dechlor Demon dechlorinate?

It is designed to neutralize low concentrations of chlorine, such as those found in normal potable drinking water. It can also neutralize concentrations in super-chlorinated mains.

What chemicals can be used in the tank?

VC Mini Tabs and Vita-D-Chlor (both vitamin C) and Bio Neutralizer (sodium sulfite) are recommended. Other chemicals may be used, but check with us first.